If you didn’t end up on this page from being a fan of our Big Fat Raves, we will quickly fill you in…

Big Fat Rave Clothing came about after the ever growing success from our underground raves. We started by selling a few t-shirts and hoodies at our events and thanks to the overwhelming response from the community we have around us we decided it’s time to give you something more. 

Since then we have decided to launch BFR Clothing where we will give you seasonal collections, so you can always be kitted out in Big Fat garms. We get all of our stock from UK suppliers to minimise our carbon footprint from shipping, we also get all of our printing and embroidery done locally because it is important to us to support local businesses. 

Thank you for being a part of the Big Fat journey, we hope to see you in the rave ;)

FIND US AT www.bigfatrave.com